Finally, you can add a PayPal donation button to your Unsplash profile

Unsplash is all about making photography available for free – and that doesn’t only have its good sides. Quite often, money is made with material from the platform by other people who can help themselves to the buffet completely free of charge. While Unsplash can now finance itself primarily through sponsored partnerships with brands, not much arrives at the users apart from the mediation of individual paid assignments.

Therefore, the call became louder and louder to give users of the photos at least the opportunity to give something back to the creators. The operators finally give in to this call and have introduced a PayPal button on the Unsplash profile, as announced in the official blog. Furthermore, the possibility to showcase your social media channels (Instagram, Twitter) is added, which are now prominently displayed on the page.

Source: Unsplash

How to add public social channels to your Unsplash profile

  • Step 1: On your Unsplash profile, click ‘Edit Profile’
  • Step 2: Add your Instagram and Twitter handles (if you have already done this, you will need to edit them and save the changes)

How to add a PayPal link to your Unsplash profile

  • Step 1: On your Unsplash profile, click ‘Edit Profile’
  • Step 2: Scroll down to the new “Donations” section
  • Step 3: Add your PayPal email for donations (please note: this email will be visible to public)

In the Unsplash community, this news was received quite positively. Creator Nick Fewings shared his thoughts about making money with Unsplash:

A great addition. As my purpose was never about gaining financially from Unsplash, rather about helping others, I have decided to donate 50% of any money I do receive via PayPal, to Crisis a charity that supports homeless people in the UK.


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