Did you know that NASA and SpaceX are giving away all these beautiful photos for free?

It was November 6, 2015, when NASA uploaded its first photo of an unnamed satellite for free on Unsplash. By the time of this writing, 72 more images would follow, some historical footage, some otherworldly photographs from the Hubble telescope, giving an impression of the beauty of our universe.

At some point, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX had also recognized the mesmerizing reaches possible on Unsplash and followed suit just a little later on March 7, 2016 with a picture of a Falcon 9 rocket taking off. Until 2018, at least, a few more were to be added, documenting the technical progress.

As always, you can download all photos from Unsplash for free – including the linked ones from NASA and SpaceX. You can use them for anything, even for commercial purposes, without fear of any legal consequences. Find out more about the Unsplash license here. Every Friday I post a photo tip on Unsplash here on the blog. At this point you can click through all previous picks.


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