Let Unsplash pro Claudio Schwarz (@purzlbaum) explain which lens he used for which photo


Sony α1

The Sony α1 is my camera for everything. It offers me 50 MP with 30 frames per second at the same time and has a very precise autofocus. With it I can cover sports as well as landscape, urban or street photography.

Sony α9

The Sony α9 is my second camera for sports and astro photography. It achieves “only” 24 MP and 20 frames per second. However, less MP also means less image noise, which is why it is optimal for photos at night.

Fujifilm X100V

While I perceive the Sony cameras more as working devices despite being a hobbyist, my Fujifilm X100V is my camera for fun. I take this camera with me when I don’t want to carry around a lot. Due to the fixed lens with 23mm f2, I can not zoom, which can challenge you, but also challenges the eye.


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